In the current context in which organizations are required to have a transparent conduct, Crowe Consult, Member of Crowe Global, assumes the important role of reviewing the credibility and reliability of the accounting and financial information provided to partners, shareholders and the market, as well as the use of this information in the decision-making process.
Crowe Global's methodology focuses on the scenario in which the business operates, enabling opportunities to improve the quality of accounting information and operational internal controls.
Crowe Consult is registered in all the regulatory agencies of the audit activity (CVM, CFC, IBRACON, BACEN, SUSEP, ANS, among others) and guides its activities with extreme rigor and compliance with legal determinations and regulations. The reports attested by Crowe Global member offices are trustworthy and widely accepted documents in the marketplace in order to attest credibility and transparency to the most different businesses.

Audit of Financial Statements and Internal Controls

  • Audit of financial statements with the issuance of the Report of Independent Auditors;
  • Special audit on balances, data, legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and specific transactions (assurance);
  • Audit of administrative, operational (internal control systems) and financial processes;
  • Audit of previously agreed procedures;
  • Due Diligence in order to know the possible operational risks, as well as the tax, labor and social security contingencies to be analyzed before the execution of a possible transaction.


  • Full advisory and consultancy regarding Brazilian (BRGAAP), US (USGAAP) and international (IFRS) accounting standards;
  • Skills and issuance of Extrajudicial Reports;
  • Diagnosis of the general accounting situation


  • Analysis of tax procedures required by current legislation;
  • Analysis of the compliance with Brazilian ancillary or complementary tax obligations (EFD-Contributions, EFD-Fiscal, ECF, ICMS Information Guides, DCTF, among others);
  • Revision or elaboration of the Transfer Price, in order to select the best method of calculation to be adopted;
  • Assistance in the review of fiscal parameters adopted by the company in its ERP.