Technology is one of the pillars of the tax solutions provided by Crowe Consult. The combination of specialized services, unique software and customized consulting process allows the delivery of complete solutions with clarity, agility and economy.

Tax Advisory Services
Continuous monitoring of legislation and activities developed by clients, providing information to identify opportunities for savings and rationalization, as well as studies of specific tax issues.

Tributary Diagnosis
Critical analysis of tax procedures, identifying licit opportunities and other benefits that allow the reduction of the Brazilian tax burden (ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS, IRPJ, CSLL), recovery of tax credits and identification of possible contingencies.

Revision of Tax Calculation and Accessory Obligations
Review of the procedures for calculating PIS, COFINS, ICMS, IPI, IRPJ and CSLL in order to avoid incorrect taxation and to identify unused tax credits. With the help of a tool developed internally, we performed analyzes of the information provided in the accessory obligations, in addition to crossing them, in order to avoid questioning by the Treasury.

Elaboration/Revision of Requests and Compensations
Preparation and/or revision of requests for restitution, reimbursement and compensation in accordance with the rules imposed by Brazilian legislation, as a credit balance of IPI, PIS, COFINS, negative balance of IRPJ and CSLL, undue payments or greater, Reintegra, among others.

Advice for Obtaining Debt Clearance Certificate (CND)
Obtaining and monitoring the regularity and validity of a ‘Debt Clearance Certificate’ (CND) or ‘Positive Certificate of Debts with Negative Effects’, seeking greater agility in issuance and anticipating eventual preventive measures necessary for its attainment.

Accounting and Management Consulting
Review of procedures and Accounting Advice; Follow up on the adequacy to the international norms and generation of managerial information for the decision making. Counseling for accounting and tax matters.

Permanent Advice
Permanent tax, accounting and tax advice through periodic analysis, aiming to avoid contingencies and identification of benefits, incentives and/or credits that may be used.

Tax and Accounting Consulting Related to SPED
Identification of information required by the Treasury; Review of information to be provided; Project follow-up and assistance in solving doubts and cross-checks of electronic files in the various ancillary obligations.

Review of Fiscal Parameters, Fiscal Product Classification and Taxation
Review of fiscal parameters adopted by companies in their ERP; revision of tax classification of products; revision of taxation of Import Tax, IPI, PIS, COFINS, ICMS, ICMS – ST.

Administration of Tax Liabilities
Proposition of alternative solutions and preventive strategies for companies with fiscal debts and/or financial difficulties, as well as assistance in identifying advantages to the adhesion of installments and follow-up of all the procedures for their realization.

Follow-up of Tax Inspection Procedures
Accompaniment and provision of tax technical clarifications necessary for inspection, avoiding the drafting of documents based on assumptions, as well as assistance in the delivery of information and documents to the Treasury.

Transfers of ICMS Credits
Accreditation of companies, credit approval processes, intermediation of transfers and advice on the appropriations of credits transferred.

Tax Incentives and Special Tax Regimes
Federal, State and Municipal legalization searches aiming to identify tax benefits that may be in the interest of business ventures.

Technological Innovation
Tax benefits due to technological innovation activities implemented by the company by reducing the tax burden of the following taxes: Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ); Social Contribution on the Net Profit (CSLL); Tax on Manufactured Products (IPI); Withholding Income Tax (IRRF) without remittances abroad.

Transfer Pricing
Calculation of prices of goods, merchandise or services imported or exported between companies considered bound by article 23 of Law 9430/1996, the Brazilian Law of Transfer Pricing.