Judicial Administration

Judicial Administration

Our professionals in the area of Judicial Administration are active in several states of Brazil. We have more than 50 appointments, and this number continues increasing, honoring the quality and seriousness of the services provided.

Our Proposal for Judicial Administration

  • Ethics
  • Transparency
  • Preventive Audits
  • Tracking Audits
  • Proactivity in monitoring the routines and assets of the recovering company
  • Consistent reports presented to Court
  • Efficiency, agility and assertiveness in manifestations

Judicial Process and Judge

  • Total availability of the Judicial Administrator and his work team;
  • Strict fulfillment of deadlines
  • Compliance with Legislation
  • Monthly procedural reports, in order to facilitate the understanding and analysis of the done by the Court
  • Initial and permanent audit in accounting documents and financial transactions
  • Analysis of the list of creditors presented by the company under judicial reorganization
  • Advice by the Judicial Administrator, eliminating the need for appointment of assistants
  • Presentation of individual reports per unit of production, in a complete and accessible language, aiming to give full transparency to the activities and the state of the companies in recovery

Lenders and interested parties

  • Sending of letters, e-mails and publication in newspapers of wide circulation, aiming at giving total transparency of the process to the interested parties
  • Elaboration of contact list, physical and virtual addresses, allowing the rapid dissemination of decisions and subpoenas
  • Opening of offices in the cities of the headquarters of the companies in recovery for prompt service of urgent needs
  • Creation of a dedicated website with several channels available for ready service (Skype, WhatsApp, e-mail, dedicated phone)
  • Availability of information via data room, with login and password access

Notary office

  • We seek, on a permanent basis, to organize and mark the procedural acts as prescribed by law
  • Alignment of performance with the notary
  • Definition of standard procedures; such as receipt and assessment of qualifications, disagreements and challenges and other procedural incidents, avoiding turmoil in the main proceedings
  • Assistance in the preparation and publication of notices

Sale of assets

  • Advisory services for the sale of individual assets according to what is determined in the Judicial Recovery Plan, duly approved by the General Meeting of Creditors (according to Brazilian legislation).