Risk and Performance

Risk and Performance

About the service
Process Management identifies problems, ruptures, rework, failures and everything else that leads to the loss of performance of organizations. Our consultancy reviews the management processes of the companies, highlighting ways to make the business simpler, less costly and with greater financial results. The goal is to seek simple but effective solutions within the entire value chain of the company.

Strategic planning
Development of strategic and operational planning, establishing the company’s growth stages. Optimization of the operational processes, seeking the alignment to the strategic planning using the best market practices and promoting the reduction of costs.

BPM – Business Process Management
Business performance management, based on the understanding and optimization of the process-based value chain (BPM), establishing parameters for the treatment of risks, resizing of resources and reduction of costs.

Lean Six Sigma
Optimization of processes through the Lean 6 Sigma methodology, making it possible to reduce losses and increase business profitability.

Performance Coaching
Coaching for leaders, managers and professionals who want to increase their performance at work or improve aspects and outcomes for their career. This process is aimed at helping self-knowledge, self-development and professional performance.